Building (up) Frustration

Looking for a neat birthday present given the hints clothing, nerdy and cube, I remembered XKCD's Frustration. I was stunned noone seems to actually have built one by now. Somewhat following Rule 35, I did.

  1. Source Material: Cheap Bike Combination Lock and Square Aluminium ProfileFetch the source material from the hardware store of your choice:
  2. Progress: Square Profile Fitted Onto LockDrill the bolts holding the hosed steel rope to remove the latter. Cut the profile into pieces in the width of the combination lock segments.
  3. Proges: Square Aluminium Profile CuttingMake more square lock segments. Cutting the profile is easy in a milling machine. Using a handsaw might lead to cuts in awry angles. Do not forget to deburr the edges.
  4. Finished: Cubic LockAssemble your cubic lock. This may not be an original Rubick's puzzle, but it definitely will puzzle people.
  5. Progess: Painting The Cubic Lock SidesPaint your cubic lock in fancy Rubick's Cube colors. Roughening the surfaces up will help the paint to stick the aluminium.
  6. Progrss: Sew Rubicks Style Painted Cube Lock Onto Bra FrontBuy a fitting bra. A front closure one makes sense. Find ribbons in matching color and sew them to the center sides on the outsides of the cup.
  7. Finished: Bra in Mainboard Box Score additional points on your already well filled nerd meter by packaging your work in a mainboard box.